Advanced Recognition & Certification (ARC)

5-day workshop

Why should I take this course?

Project management is a powerful tool for addressing the complex needs of today’s organizations.

Unlike narrowly focused fields – such as HR, marketing, finance or IT – project management brings together an array of skill sets spanning creative and critical thinking, leadership, risk, change and stakeholder management.

Simply put, project management provides a structured yet flexible framework for tackling a diverse range of initiatives faster, better and in a cost efficient manner.

That is why project management is the most in-demand occupation in the world today.


What will I learn?

The Advanced Recognition and Certification (ARC) workshop is a wholly interactive experience in which participants initiate, plan, deliver and close an actual project.

Over five (5) collaborative days our expert facilitators leverage your latent project experience, connecting a common frame of reference, common purpose and common sense approach to the cohesive delivery and oversight of professional and personal projects.

In contextualising this course for corporate clients, we can also integrate your project assets, templates and tools into the curriculum for a seamless and relevant workplace experience.

Where will it take me?

Candidates who successfully complete the ARC workshop are admitted to the Institute of Project Management as Certified Project Officers (CPO).

Upon completing the subsequent requirements, candidates may also be assessed at a higher level Certification (CPP / CPM / CPD) within 6 months of completing the workshop at no extra cost.

The ARC workshop is also a prerequisite for candidates considering the BSB41515 Certificate IV in Project Management Practice or the BSB51415 Diploma of Project Management.


Who will be teaching me?

Our Certified Project Trainers are:

  • proven industry experts with over 10 years’ practical experience leading complex projects, programs and portfolios of work
  • inspiring communicators, creative and critical thinkers, and
  • trained educators, facilitators and mentors.

Importantly, they are not professional lecturers who only learned project management from text-books – they superimpose on the content a wealth of project skill and experience from all stakeholder perspectives that brings project management to life.


I’m kinda sick of PowerPoint…

Good – so are we!

We get that adults have distinctly different motivations to learn, so we ensure our content is relevant, learners are engaged, learning processes are active and delivery is centred around you.

This means that we include a mix of role playing, scenarios, case study discussion, inquiry-based dialogue, small group work and problem-based learning exercises that go beyond PowerPoint and directive text.


What should I bring?

A laptop – once enrolled, you will be able to download the digital resources that support each day’s learning; alternately, you can download and print the paper versions if you are more comfortable working with the old-school tools of the trade.

If you’d like to bring a keep-cup and/or refillable bottle, we provide all-day tea, coffee and water; and if you don’t want to bring your own lunch, there are plenty of nearby food options.