Certified Project Trainer (CPT)

A Certified Project Trainer (CPT) is a proven project expert who communicates knowledge, facilitates learning and inspires the next generation of project leaders.

They bring coursework to life with a worldly repertoire of experiences and stories, while applying high standards of professionalism in all aspects of training and assessment.

In order to be admitted as a Certified Project Trainer, you must:

  • Be admitted to the Institute as a Certified Project Master or Certified Project Director
  • Have attained the Institute’s Order of Merit (100% in OPEN)
  • Complete the trainer skills assessment
  • Provide an additional two character references
  • Complete the Institute’s online trainer modules (20 hours), and
  • Conduct up to 50 hours of supervised classroom training.

Following certification as a CPT, you must:

  • Maintain industry currency in project management and vocational education, and
  • Participate in and contribute to regular peer and supervisor evaluations.
Certified Project Trainers are regularly engaged by the Institute to conduct workshop training at highly competitive, above-market rates