Contracts and Procurement

Contracts and procurement

A contract usually only protects the rights of parties in worst case scenarios. This course shows how to proactively manage contractual relationships so that agreed outcomes are efficiently achieved, without recourse to legal remedy.

It covers the entire procurement lifecycle from tendering, through to the establishment of the contract, the implementation of strategies that ensure effective contract performance, and finalisation processes.

What will I learn?

This course addresses the knowledge, processes and techniques necessary to systematically manage the life of contracts, including:

  • the procurement stage: the process leading up to contract execution, when the roles and responsibilities of parties are clearly defined
  • the commencement stage: from the time of implementation through the commissioning process to the start of payments, when delivery of the services required by the output specification begins
  • the service delivery stage: covering the provision and use of the contracted services during the remaining life of the contract, and
  • the contract expiry or termination stage: the period leading up to and after contract expiry or termination.

What are the benefits?

This workshop is highly interactive, and our semi-structured approach is dynamically responsive to the experience, needs and operating environment of the participants.

Participants are therefore encouraged to share complex, ‘real life’ examples from their professional experience that can be resolved using the best-practice principles of project management.

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • manage stakeholders information, knowledge and change
  • eliminate uncertainty in the interpretation of contracts
  • anticipate and manage contingencies, risks and disputes
  • monitor and report on performance, and
  • review and recommend improvements to the management of future contracts.

What is included?

Every Masterclass includes:

  • Pre-workshop stakeholder meeting
  • Contextualisation of resources
  • Integration of corporate assets
  • Course delivery
  • Certificates of Attendance
  • Comprehensive feedback

Additional services that may be quoted include:

  • Learner resources (eg notes, folders etc)
  • Venue hire (including AV) and catering
  • Travel and accommodation
  • International guest presenters
  • Extended workplace mentoring
  • Accreditation

How much does it cost?

We work with our clients in a number of capacities including on a negotiated hourly, daily or a fixed rate basis.

Corporate clients are usually charged a fixed fee, as opposed to a per participant rate; although a cap may be placed on participant numbers (usually 25 people per workshop) to guarantee optimum levels of interaction.

At present, we do not offer individual (public) seats on our corporate Masterclasses.