Thank you for your service

With You WIth Me

The Institute of Project Management has partnered with With You With Me to deliver our project management certifications to their community of military veterans.

Our project management certifications are the first in the world to comprehensively map to your service experience, significantly streamlining the application and accreditation process.

Together with With You With Me, we can leverage your accumulated project expertise, transitioning you into the most in-demand skill-set and occupation in the world today – project management.

Build on what you already know

Depending on your professional experience, you may have already engaged in and potentially led complex projects.

The process of obtaining a project management certification will help to formalise the knowledge, skills and experience that you have already earned.

And whereas most project management certifications demand the un-critical rote memorisation of formulas and processes; the Institute of Project Management teaches from a comprehensive body of industry-tested best-practice that is transferable and scalable to any industry, sector or project.

In fact, the Institute’s project management certifications are created and maintained by a diverse international panel of cross-industry thought leaders and experts.

By ensuring that our certifications benchmark only the highest standards, we have earned global recognition, which transfers to immediately and credibly to our certification holders.

Open doors

Holding an internationally recognised project management certification may help get your foot in the door for a key interview or be an influential factor when pitching for a new client.

Project management certification can also help you to grow your professional network.

Our ever-expanding LinkedIn network of Institute certification holders welcomes a community of fellow project management professionals, potentially opening up new opportunities, roles, clients and even mentorship.

Boost your career

A project management certification will boost your career by codifying your professional knowledge, skills and experience as a project manager.

Certification establishes your commitment to skill development throughout your career.

This shows employers, managers and clients that you’re determined to be recognised as a elite project professional.

Employers are always looking for people with a track record of professional development and how these qualities will contribute to completing projects successfully.

What’s more, a project management certification can help you to take on new responsibilities.

Certification tells your manager or a new employer that you’re prepared to advance your knowledge and are ready to take on more and more challenging and complex projects.

Earn more

Gaining experience will always drive up your earnings but adding an industry-recognised certification to your name can enable you to command higher rates.

Top organisations are always on the look-out for professionals with recognised certifications and will sometimes make it a requirement for higher paying roles.

Numerous studies show that project certification holders can command salaries up to 20% greater than their peers.

First of all, you should create a free account on OPEN, the Institute of Project Management’s Online Project EducatioN portal.

If you have not previously been assessed on 30 hours of project management study, you can meet that requirement by completing OPEN for free!

On your profile page, you can also enter your project experience (often your military rank is sufficient) and upload any requested assessment tasks or evidence.

Only then will you be able to access the payment portal – you can enter the discount code: WYWM to receive 10% off your certification.

The entire process – from application to assessment and certification – can usually completed within one week if all the requirements are met.

Certification is also for life – there are no ongoing fees, membership or subscription charges.