Learning solutions

The Institute of Project Management offers a range of learning solutions that go beyond test preparation to develop high-performing project team members, managers and leaders. Modalities include:

  • OPEN: Free access to our self-paced Online Project EducatioN portal
  • Webinars: Our 1-2-hour professional development series with some of the world’s leading project experts
  • Workshops: Options include 3-hour workshops, 1-day intensives, 3-day masterclasses and 5-day certification programs
  • Social learning: Proprietary and curated blogs, polls, podcasts, videos giving you the latest in project thinking and practice
  • Active mentoring: Individual learning embedded in the projects you are delivering today
  • Digital library: Free templates and a store with some of the best project resources in the market
  • Industry tours and internships: We broker partnerships between employers and future employees with innovate project placements
  • Qualifications: Vocational, university and graduate programs in project, program and portfolio management

Our approach

Our governing pedagogical approach is informed by and depends upon the following principles of instructional design:

  • Learning by doing
    • Learners are introduced to and expected to use authentic project management tools and practices in converting their knowledge into skill
  • Emotional learning
    • We endeavor to understand each learner’s cognitive and non-cognitive mindset, identifying and responding to distractions, frustrations and other barriers to learning
  • Reflective learning
    • Learners are encouraged to challenge their current behaviour, critically evaluating their performance through the lens of good-practice
  • Computational learning
    • Our approach is to break large problems down into smaller ones, drawing on logical reasoning to identify patterns, abstraction and motivating causes
  • Crossover learning
    • We create instructor-led and peer-to-peer learning opportunities beyond the classroom, meeting and exchanging knowledge in virtual and informal spaces
  • Incidental learning
    • Learners are shown how to apply a project management filter to their world and encouraged to identify learning opportunities as they go
  • Adaptive learning
    • Our facilitators and mentors use their acquired knowledge of individual and organisational project capability to personalise learning paths