The Institute of Project Management’s virtual Certified Project Officer (vCPO) is a comprehensive Certification program that covers all phases of the project lifecycle, equipping you with a highly transferable and in-demand skill-set that transcends regional, national and industry boundaries.

Our expert facilitators leverage your latent project experience, connecting a common frame of reference, common purpose and common-sense approach to the cohesive delivery and oversight of professional and personal projects.


Why should I Certify?

Institute Certifications validate contemporary best practices in the discipline of project management.

They equally respect both people and process, and do not preference any one standard, method or industry approach.

Instead, our Certifications evidence a highly rigorous and transferable baseline of knowledge, skills and experience that can be applied in any project context.

Institute Certification holders are creative and critical thinkers; they are the project leaders, problem solvers and innovators of the 21st century.


Who should enrol?

No prior project management or educational experience is required to join this course.

You might also assume that project management is only for people working in construction or IT – you are wrong!

We work with individuals and entrepreneurs in a range of industries, including:

  • Arts and entertainment
  • Information technology
  • Tourism, hospitality and events
  • Health, aged and disability care
  • Manufacturing and construction
  • Agriculture
  • Small business
  • Government
  • Not-for-profits

This is because unlike narrowly focused fields – such as HR, marketing, finance or IT – project management brings together an array of skill sets spanning creative and critical thinking, leadership, risk, change and stakeholder management.

Simply put, project management provides a structured yet flexible framework for tackling a diverse range of initiatives faster, better and in a cost-efficient manner.

That is why project management is the most in-demand occupation in the world today.


Not another webinar

The 12 x 2.5-hour session virtual CPO workshop series is an expert-facilitated digital learning experience that goes beyond the traditional textbook, video or PowerPoint pedagogy.

Unlike most webinars today, classroom sessions are 100% live with no pre-recorded content.

You cannot just ‘press play’ and listen to a lecture – the level of interaction demanded through chat, Q&A and interactive participation means that your classmates are depending on you to stay actively engaged and contributing throughout.

Run over a six-week period, the workshops are also fully self-contained – you complete assessment activities in class with no homework or examination requirements.


What are the tech requirements?

Because we use ZOOM to collaborate, virtual classes can be accessed via any desktop computer or iOS / Android tablet or phone.

You join via your OPEN account for high quality streaming and can catch up on missed sessions at any time by completing the equivalent unit in OPEN, your online textbook!


Your facilitator

Our Certified Project Trainers (CPTs) are:

  • Proven industry experts with a minimum of 10 years’ practical experience in leading complex projects, programs and portfolios of work
  • Inspiring communicators
  • Creative and critical thinkers, and
  • Trained educators, facilitators and mentors

Importantly, they are not professional lecturers who have only learned project management from text-books.

They superimpose a wealth of project knowledge, skill and experience from all stakeholder perspectives that brings project management to life for learners.

In doing so, they look beyond the curriculum to add value to students and their employers.


Where will it take me?

Graduates of the vCPO program are automatically awarded lifetime Certification by the Institute of Project Management – there are no additional exams, membership, resource or licence fees.

The vCPO workshop also satisifes the knowledge requirement for higher level Certification, including: