Our webinar topics respond to contemporary issues in project management and are informed by our community of practice. When delivered privately to a defined audience, they can also be contextualised to the specific circumstances or operating environment of the client.

Previous topics of interest have included:

Project management

  • Intro to project management
  • Project methodologies
  • Bullet-proof business case
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Requirements analysis
  • Project scheduling
  • Project budgeting
  • Commissioning projects
  • Project procurement
  • Project risk management
  • Project leadership
  • Managing meetings
  • Managing conflict
  • Ethical project management
  • Status reporting
  • Earned value management
  • Project change management
  • Managing scope creep
  • Lessons learned

Program / portfolio management

  • Project governance
  • Strategic project management
  • Developing a project management framework
  • Organisational change management
  • Managing complex programs and portfolios
  • Outcomes realisation and evaluation
  • Creating a culture of project excellence

Typically run in 2-hour blocks, our webinars can also be conducted to induct new project managers, prepare candidates for project management examinations, train users in a project software or to proactively address a significant project issue or risk.

Up to 200 attendees can be invited via email to register online for each session, and our custom registration process includes pre-course polling to determine participants’ level of familiarity with or expertise in the webinar topic. These questions are revisited in the post-webinar feedback poll, allowing participants to self-report their immediate learning outcomes and future learning intentions.

Our webinars can be accessed via desktop computer or any iOS / Android tablet or phone. Participants can join via their web browser without the requirement to download any software, or use the GoToTraining app for higher quality streaming, including the option to share their webcam while they chat to create a panel-like feel.

Each webinar mirrors our highly engaging classroom presentation style, interspersed with digital whiteboard explanations, short videos and webcam discussion. We also guarantee that no more than 10% of the content delivered is pre-recorded, ensuring a genuinely live webinar experience.

To monitor attendee engagement, we use an attentiveness meter to see what percentage of the audience has the presentation in the foreground on their computer and whether any hands are raised. If our facilitators see attentiveness dropping, they act by stopping to ask a question, launch a poll or call out a few attentive attendees by name to see if they have any questions or points of discussion.

For large groups, we run two facilitators at a time, with one delivering the presentation and another moderating a live-chat stream. The live chat-stream challenges multi-taskers with direct questions, making appropriate clarifications when asked.

Our breakout feature also makes it easy for students to actively participate, work together and exchange ideas with their peers. Students can virtually raise their hands from within their breakout sessions to get the facilitators’ attention and ask questions, giving us valuable – and instant – feedback.

We further monitor the participant’s view in real-time to ensure they are always seeing the correct screen content. If the view (as opposed to attentiveness) meter stops short of 100 percent, that’s a clue that some participants may have low internet bandwidth, which might keep them from loading the content quickly. Note that participants can also dial in by phone to save bandwidth for screen sharing.

At the conclusion of each webinar, its video record is securely posted online as a podcast and participants receive a high quality, digital Certificate of Attendance